Jojo lara gets a u-part


How do you usually take care of you natural hair?
Every time I have my natural hair out, I make sure to deep condition it as much as I can and also go for a treatments quite regularly. Another way to keep my hair healthy is to avoid using heat on my natural hair as much as possible and most importantly getting it trimmed!

Being a model and having to attend lot of shoots, what toll does it have on your hair?
Being a model your look has to be versatile so weather that means having dead straight hair or having my hair slicked up in ponytail you have to do it to create the desired look. So I would say it does affect my hair especially the heat and the gel that is use . So luckily for me most of the time I have weave. So I would say my hair does go through a lot but it just means you have to take extra care.

Your hair is always changing one minute its blond the next its red, then its curly then straight, do you enjoy having different looks?
Definitely since I’m the face of UK Weaves, its allowed me to experiment with load of different styles of weaves and colours. Weave is much much more versatile than my natural hair and it can also change my whole look instantly. For example when I have black hair people tend to say i look more Asian an when I have blond hair people usually say I look more African as it brings out the colour of my skin. So I definitely enjoy changing up my look.

How are you liking your u-part Wig?
I’m absolutely loving it, I love the fact that it is so versatile I can wear it back and the next minute have it down . It also looks very natural and it feel much more comfortable than a regular weave and I can tell it’s not stressing my hair underneath. It’s easy on and easy out which is perfect as I’m always changing my hair.

What are your top three hair products at the moment?
Toni and guy hair serum, kera care essential oils and lastly pink hot oil treatment.

What is your dream wild card hairstyle?
I really want to go white , like grey white that something I to do as it not an everyday colour and its quite edgy so watch out for me!



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